donates to Save the Children’s social engagement

Today is exactly a year ago since I started my business I am celebrating it by keeping my promise and donating 2% of my business revenue for 2012 for a good cause.

As you might now by now believes that the companies´ social responsibilities can create a difference.

★ dedicates 2% of the revenues to a social target
★ the actual amount is clearly declared on each invoice
★ each client can specify which target is to gain for their specific activity.

The social targets to choose from are: Red Cross, Save the Children and Emergency. If you wish to find possibilities to choose others, please let me know by a comment below. I am looking forward to read your suggestions.

14 February 2013: For the revenues of year 2012 donated 2% to Save the Children.

Make sure to contribute you too, by choosing a company with a promise!

Best reagards,

Sara Sjodin