was born with a great future in mind

Who am I? What do I love to do? What are my inner wishes? Those were some of the questions I asked to myself before deciding to start on my own. This is a short story of my decisions to reach a great future.

I had been working in Sweden for many years with documentation and communication in different forms, within the drilling and mining sector all over the world in a very masculine environment.

When I found my life companion, my Italian husband, and got pregnant, the idea of doing something different got stronger. I wanted to help people, to be my own boss and to continue to grow my curiosity and knowledge. There were many ideas and many projects fighting for the pole position.


I decided to take off and to grow meanwhile understanding the new market. Since I opened my business in a new country (Italy), had to learn a third language (Italian), breastfeed the baby boy and foster the first born baby girl, I reckoned to start with a human approach towards myself, my family and my clients:

“One step at a time with lots of patience and energy”.

One of the first things I had to explore was the social media evolution, because during my time on maternity leave it had exploded. I took some classes for the social media leader in United Sates, Mari Smith and did a WordPress course to shape up my knowledge and some programming. Naturally I kept myself updated with the web and got full pot for the course “Power searching with Google”.

Interesting course certificate and badges

A basic need I felt was to have a great network around me. Therefore I decided to be very engaged in the existing Swedish networks in Milan. There are Camera di Commercio Italo-Svedese Assosvezia with its Junior Chamber Club, SWEA (Swedish Women’s Educational Association Inc., a global non-profit organization for Swedish speaking women who live abroad) and all the other business related activities from, for example, Business Sweden. Not to forget about all the different networking clubs focusing on contact building events.

Outside the “Swedish zone” I also decided to attend “the Entrepreneurship Club” held by PWA Milano, which is an association for professionally engaged women.

But the networking part wasn’t enough; I needed back-up and wanted a colleague to cheer me up once in a while. I found quickly a social media expert in Paola Devescovi and her company called Project Prosperity. Paola then introduced me to a great WordPress specialist Jaume Garcia and his company WebVai. We are a great, mixed team of professionals, from Italy, Spain and Sweden. Paola who is placed in Rome and me and Jaume both placed in Milan.

Now I have been operative for a year and love it. Even though we are in the middle of a tough crisis, I have realized that I have found a segment interested in my offers. The clients exist!

But what about my inner wishes? To care about others, to help others?’s social engagement

1. Immediately with my first invoice I decided to add an important paragraph. The statement that donates 2% of the revenues to a social target. I wanted to dedicate more, but my business accountant Marco Bassani (the best you can have, if you ask me) recommended me to start with 2%. Therefore, from the beginning, the amount is clearly declared on each invoice and each client can choose from three targets: The Red Cross, Save the Children or Emergency. The first year’s donation from has been done to Save the Children and I was truly happy to accomplish it.

2. When I started my business, I also helped a non-European worker with his business start-up. A company called Atom Servizi. He is currently working for our condominium and I monthly help out with the invoices and some business contacts. I have designed and printed out his business cards, to make it easier for him to find more, new customers. If you see him, I am sure he will give you a business card. He is very proud of them! The next step, if he will be able to grow his business, is to help him out with a website. Let us hope he too will get there.

Wishes for the future

3. Next step is to finalize a common offer from me and my closest business associates, Paola and Jaume. It is going to be hot stuff. If you add your e-mail to get my newsletter, I will keep you posted. Otherwise drop in here in a while and I will write more about that.

4. The fourth step I wish to take, is to do something for the environment. I would like to find an easy way to pay for the environmental impact of my business. Any ideas? Please, write your ideas as a comment below. I would love to read them.

5. As a fifth step I would like to raise my donation to social targets, but I guess I should await my business accountant’s recommendation.

Do you have other ideas to implement for a small, newly started company like mine? Please add a comment below and I will take your ideas into consideration.

If I will be able to employ people in the future and have an office, I would also like to implement solutions I have heard exists. Like a “laundry corner” in the office where you can go to do your laundry during a short break and iron your clothes. They say that there is a need of a leg stretcher now and then to improve your result in front of the computer. What could be better than also resolving the personal laundry problem at the same time? Or having a person dedicated to help all your employees with small stuff, like arranging appointments at the dentist, doctor, etc. These ideas might be dreams, but by telling them to you, my dreams might become your dreams and maybe, one day, they will be found in many places around the world.

“Let us try to create the best future ever – together!”

Best reagards,

Sara Sjodin