Problem placing object at an exact place

Snapping problem

Snapping problem 




Main problem Object is not placed where you want it, it just snaps closely
Program Adobe Illustrator 6
Type of problem Software setting: Align to Pixel Grid

1. Changing a single, already created object

But not coming/future objects within the same document

  1. Open the “Transform” box from the Window menu
  2. Unmark “Align to Pixel Grid” box
  3. Done!

2. Changing all new objects for a document

created with the setting “Align New Objects to Pixel Grid” (but not already created objects for that document)

  1. Open the “Transform” box from the Window menu
  2. Go to the drop down menu (upper right corner) and choose Show Options (in case you haven’t done so already)
  3. Unmark the option “Align new objects to Pixel Grid”
  4. Done!

3. Changing the setting for a completely new, single document

But not for coming/future documents

  1. When creating a completely new document “File/New”
  2. Check the Advanced section and make sure that the “Align New Objects to Pixel Grid” is unmarked
  3. Done!

4. Changing the settings for all new future documents

Each existing Illustrator document profile or template has its own settings. The option is turned on in the provided web-centric templates and document profiles.

Do you want to change it for all profiles? The Adobe explanation of its use is: Align New Objects to Pixel Grid This option, if selected, aligns any new objects to the pixel grid. Because this option is important for designs intended for display devices such as web, it is enabled by default for such documents. For more information, see Drawing pixel-aligned paths for web workflows.

Now time to get back to work and produce! 🙂

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